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Home again, home again, jiggety jig

We are home! I took some photos of one of the gardens in the Honolulu airport, so I will try to post something picture-ish tomorrow.

Things to remember about Kauai:

1. The dirt everywhere on the island is orangey red. This makes a dramatic contrast against all the greenery. It's really beautiful. But it does *not* wash out of white socks. So don't wear white socks on Kauai -- this is my advice. I mean, heck! Just wear "slippahs" (flip-flops)!

Kauai chickens2. People on the island used to raise a lot of chickens for food, but Hurricane Iniki hit the island in 1992 and blew down all the chicken coops ... resulting in gazillions of chickens running free. As a result, 19 years after the hurricane, the island is *swamped* with wild chickens. Everywhere you go, every street you drive down, every town you visit: chickens, chickens, chickens. The roosters crow all day and all night long, with no preference for dawn, so the sound of crowing is pretty much everywhere. I'm not particularly fond of chickens of the uncooked variety.

Anyway, we had a fabulous flight home w/Hawaiian Airlines. I luuurve them to pieces.

We got home to find that the cats are totally freaked out, but at least Cobweb seems healthy and doesn't look skinny. Lucy is running away from us every time we move, with her ears back in her "Something is terribly wrong!" attitude. Munchkin has been the worst, though; there's been lots of yowling and such, and when Shannon tried to pick her up she made such miserable/angry noises that I suggested he put her back down right away. She'll calm down, but I think we should just go about our business until she stops spazzing.

I'm happy to be back in civilization, within easy walking distance of 3 public libraries and dozens of high-quality restaurants of various types. I'll probably write more tomorrow, but right now I just want to relax and watch a "Criminal Minds" rerun. (I'll save the new eps for when I'm more awake.)

Oh, and one last thing: Shannon said at one of the beaches he saw some woman snorkeling while wearing a flotation device of some sort. This might be something for me to try next year! I will look into it.
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