Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Kaua'i 2011

Today Shannon and Gary headed off to do their manly stuff w/the Maka house, and Mary was at work, so I just hung out on my own, which was cool. It was the first time I'd had the house to myself since we've been here, and I'm a big fan of the whole "having the house to myself" experience. So I just puttered around: read, slept, lay on the bed in the guest room with all the curtains open so that I could look out at the back yard in the sunshine while the breeze stirred the leaves. As Bill & Ted would say, it was "most tranquil." It rocked.

I haven't really watched tv since we got here. Shannon and his dad watched some "Star Trek" (we bought him the DVD set of the first season of the original series as his Xmas gift), and I've seen Gary watching news (Fox, most likely) and old movies a few times, but I haven't had much interest. Now, if he was watching "Top Chef," I'd no doubt be much more excited.

I have -- control your shock -- almost *finished* reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, even though it's only been a couple days, and I am now simply *dying* to reread the final book in the trilogy. Unfortunately, there's a loooong queue to get it from the library, both in Berkeley and in Oakland. Well, I've put my name on both lists, so now I can but wait. I mean, I listened to the book on audio, so I know what happens, but knowing is not the same as reading.

For dinner tonight we had some roast Hawaiian pork, and it was *delicious*.

Tomorrow, Gary is seeing his doctor in the morning (re: the kidney stone), but at least his cold seems much better today. He seemed less congested and more alert, with more of the usual spring in his step. I'm really glad.

Two more full days here. Tomorrow, we may be going to dinner at Keoki's, which would be one of the highlights of the trip for me. I think I've been there on every trip to Kaua'i. It's got a certain touristy cheesiness to it, with tiki torches and a little lagoon and such, but they serve wonderful fresh fish and the restaurant is beautiful. I love it, so I'm hoping we go.

Oh, also, I've been having bad dreams every night since we got here, most featuring people I knew in high school. This happens sometimes, but it isn't usually several nights in a row! So today I got up and logged on to Facebook and removed almost all h.s. acquaintances from my list. I feel good about it, too.
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