Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Kaua'i 2011

I slept *terribly* last night. I just couldn't get comfortable, and so kept tossing and turning for hours. And then I woke up really sore all over. Well, at least -- unlike Shannon -- I'm not covered in mosquito bites. Usually the bugs prefer me over him, but this year he's been quite popular with the insect population.

Poor Gary is feeling really unwell. We had a very quiet day today. Our only real outing was running to Walmart to get Gary some cough drops. Shannon also found a shirt he liked while we were there, so that was cool. I almost bought a mug (with turtles on it) that cost $1.88, but Shannon insisted that I wouldn't use it, because it was too small. In fact, I don't use mugs very often at all ... so I didn't buy it. But ... turtles! For $1.88! I had to tear myself away.

I finished reading A Walk Out of the World (the fantasy novel from my childhood) today, and I still enjoyed it, even after more than 30 years. I will probably shop for a copy of it when we get home. (The copy I just read was from the library.)

In the afternoon, Shannon and I took a 2-mile walk around the in-laws' neighborhood. People had lots of really pretty trees, bushes, flowers, etc., in their front yards. Some of them were so exotic that they looked fake! One house had about a gazillion little statues in the yard (rabbits, some religious woman who I think was Mary, gnomes, toadstools, turtles, giant fish, and all kinds of random stuff). Crazy! Most of them were small, maybe a foot high. They were ranged all over at the front of the yard, near the road, but there was a sort of ledge that ran along the front of the house itself, and that was crammed full of weird little statues, too! (To be honest, I could see my mom having a yard like that. I was fascinated, in a horrified kind of way.) Though we're at a relatively high elevation here, we didn't get very nice views of the ocean, because there was a haze at the horizon, but we really enjoyed the walk anyway, and it was nice to stretch our legs, get a bit of exercise, and have some time to ourselves. Shannon wanted to struggle through the tall, thick brush (along my MIL's "secret path") to get down to the coffee plantation, but I didn't want to fight my way through dense jungle in flip-flops. The coffee plantation is kind of a maze, anyway, and I didn't want to be walking around that long, since it was almost dinner time.

Tomorrow, we are apparently not going to make our annual visit to church. I can't say I'm disappointed. I really like Gary and Mary's pastor, but church in general just isn't my thing. Instead, Gary is going to just rest most of the day, and in the afternoon Mary is going to take us to the beach so that Shannon can swim before she has to go to work. She's working late into the evening, so I guess we'll be having dinner without her.

Tonight I need to wash my hair (there are, apparently, water heater issues that make it impossible for Shannon and me to take our showers within any reasonable period of time of each other, so I get evening showers and he gets morning showers). But really, all I want to do is go to sleep. Maybe I'll shower tomorrow afternoon.
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