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Apparently, there was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake near San Jose (about 45 miles away) this afternoon, but I didn't feel it at all. My chair is on wheels and I don't have a comfortable footrest under my desk, so I'm sorta wiggling around all the time anyway. I must've been doing my chair dance when it happened.

A few hours before the stealthy earthquake, there was also a power outage in downtown Berkeley. It didn't last long, but Berkeley's central library branch (located downtown) is apparently staffed by work-shirking pussies, because they decided to close the library down for the entire rest of the day. Hey, everybody, it's an excuse to go home 5 hours early! All the *other* businesses downtown are open, of course, but the librarians are all playing hooky. (Just to rub salt in the wound, all the library lights are *on* inside the empty building.)

And just when my day needed a bit more surrealism, I happened upon an article on SFGate about Nazis during WWII who were obsessed with a Finnish dalmation who did a Hitler imitation. Wow. Whenever Cobweb gets up from a nap and needs to limber up, she stretches out her right front paw waaaay out up and in front of her, so perhaps the Nazis would have objected to her, as well!

Man, talk about crazy-ass freaks! As if Nazis weren't wacko enough already!

Cool. Now some neo-Nazi asswipes are going to find my journal and troll me. Fear my tabby cat and her Hitler impression!
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