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All kinds of random stuff, but a lot about food, as is often the case

Our garage is looking remarkably garage-like today, after Ting and his guys put in a good day's work on it (thanks to the nice weather). Now we must once again wait. There's a window to move, and sheet rock to install, and roofing to place, and exterior painting to be done, and exterior trim to be procured and placed, and electrical whatnots to be finished inside, and probably some other stuff, too. But now it has real walls, at least, instead of raw wood. I'll try to remember to take a photo tomorrow to post, as my mom keeps asking me for pics of the whole "garage experience," and maybe there's one or two other people who would care about such things.

We are catsitting again, this time in our own home, for my SIL Melody's cat, Tai Chi. We sit for him every time she goes to visit her parents in Kauai, so we see him a couple times a year. Our cats have become comparatively used to him (compared to the first time, a couple years ago), but this is still a house of random hissing for the next several days. All the hissing comes from Munchkin (who has the greatest difficulty adjusting to change), but she doesn't only hiss at Tai Chi. She also just randomly hisses at her sisters, because she's just generally freaked out and all cats apparently provide too much stimulation. No one must sniff my butt!

Today I tried Papa John's pizza for the first time, just because I was walking home after running some errands downtown, and I was thinking, "Hmm. Ham and pineapple would go down awfully nice right now," and Papa John's was the first pizza place I passed. When I walked in (around 11:45 a.m.), the place was deserted, so I didn't recognize my imminent danger, as I had not yet considered the actual *location* of the pizza place ... which is a few blocks from Berkeley High School. Ack! My pizza took half an hour to cook, and by the time I left, the place was *packed* with teenagers from the h.s. I'm not overly fond of teenagers, but I just listened to my iPod and ignored them. I hear that if you don't make eye contact, they won't see you as a threat and will be less likely to attack. But eventually I got my pizza (which Shannon would consider an abomination, due to the presence of pineapple) and made my escape unscathed. I fled the scene and ate my pizza at home with a book, and it was delicious (the pizza, not the book).

I got my new Apple headphones in the mail today, and I was rather dismayed to find that there were no instructions. It seems like *nothing* comes with instructions anymore! I looked online: no luck. These headphones have a funky little knob on the cord which allows you to adjust volume, pause/start, and move forward and backward through tracks. But I just had to keep playing with it until I figured out how to do a few of those things, because there are only 3 buttons. So I was like pressing them and holding, pressing more than once, pressing them in combination, etc. I figured out some basic stuff, but I'm sure there are snazzy tricks that are beyond my rudimentary experiments' range. I want to know all the neat stuff! Hrmph.

I'm totally addicted to Top Chef this season, but they don't air episodes fast/often enough for me! So I've started watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on Netflix streaming, just to give me my foodie fix. It's a very different show, as it's not a competition but instead an exploration of one chef's travels around the world to investigate international cuisine, but it still satisfies the foodie in me.
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