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Eggs eggs eggs eggs ... yum!

A couple weeks ago, I decided that I really missed eating eggs. Like *really* missed eating eggs, as they've always been one of my favorite foods. But I almost entirely cut them out of my diet in late August for health reasons.

So I decided that the deliciousness that is eggs (especially the "Cote Ouest" omelette with ratatouille at La Note, a few blocks from my house) was worth a bit of short-term digestive discomfort, and so I began planning *when* I should partake of these dangerous eggs, i.e., when would it be most convenient for me to be sick and mostly housebound for 24 hours or so. Well, it took me a couple weeks to plan, considering the time of year, but today was my day.

So I went to brunch at La Note and ate my incredible ratatouille omelette and enjoyed every delectable morsel.

And then I didn't get sick! It's about 8 hours later now, and my digestion is fine and dandy.

Shannon seems to worry that this will inspire me to run out and eat a dozen eggs every day, but I'm sure it's just that my body was mostly egg-free, and therefore a bit of egg didn't cause an overload. So it's nice to know that a couple times a year I can maybe splurge on an omelette or something. Hurrah!
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