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Post-Christmas Wanderings

Shannon and I rode our bikes all over creation today. Or, at least, all over Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and Albany. We went to the Bay Street shopping center in Emeryville (primarily because the in-laws gave us Barnes & Noble gift cards, and that's where our nearest B&N is located, but we also visited Old Navy and walked around to look at the other sales), to lunch at a Burger King near there, to Ilah's house to visit Caruso (who seems to have really warmed up to us this time), and to Target to buy groceries (and to look at a few other things -- sheets, Christmas lights, coats, toothbrushes, etc.). By the time we were at Target (our last stop, since we were buying groceries there that needed refrigeration), I was getting pretty persnickety. I *really* needed a nap. Yes, I am 3 years old.

There were a great many annoying people at Target. Argh! Even more than usual, because they were descending upon the now-on-sale Christmas decorations like a ravening horde.

But the weather was sunny (though cold and a bit windy) and beautiful, so the biking was very pleasant, especially along the Aquatic Park (though their path leaves something to be desired -- many many potholes). On our way out of the Aquatic Park, going through their parking lot, I got absolutely *drenched* when a car passed me while going through a big, muddy puddle. I squealed so loudly I probably scared the driver! But I thought it was pretty funny once I'd gotten over the shock of the cold water.

On our way home with groceries, biking along the Ohlone Greenway, we passed a public Berkeley basketball court where about a dozen people were playing basketball *on unicycles*. You can see the players (they apparently call their team the Berkeley Revolution) in this video:

Most of the video is shot at the same basketball court where we saw them today. They have a woman on the team now, though, who I don't see in this video. (She was wearing excellent black-and-white striped knee socks which I admired.) We were rather surprised to happen upon them (as I told Shannon, it's a bit surreal, liking something out of Dr. Seuss, to be biking down the street and stumble upon a bunch of people playing basketball on unicycles), but it was definitely cool.

Tomorrow, I plan to vegetate. I plan to enjoy my Christmas toys (i.e., read new books and listen to new music (i.e., The Vampire Diaries soundtrack -- yay!)), eat tasty Christmas candy, and run some very few errands (e.g., visit Caruso and stop by the library). Mostly, I plan to hide out after a *very* social week.
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