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Christmas Eve

A nice day, starting with ye olde conjugal shower, followed by further frolicking in the bedroom, then random hanging out, reading, etc. Then we biked out to the dog park at Point Isabel, where we hung out for quite a while (though the beautifully sunny weather was quite cold by Bay Area standards). A very friendly black pit bull named Jupiter repeatedly tried to make friends with us, putting her front paws up on my leg, covering us in sand, getting us very wet, and just generally head-butting our hands to try to get us to pet her. She was wearing a plastic muzzle, but seemed so friendly! There were many other cute dogs, as well, but Jupiter was my favorite. She had jingle bells on her collar, and when she shook herself she made music.

Afterward, we biked to Ilah's house to visit with Caruso, only to discover that the ants have virtually taken over. I would not be surprised if they combined their strength and simply carried the house away before our next visit. But Caruso seemed glad to see us, and we hung out for quite a while. Shannon was reading aloud to me from a collection of Harry Dresden short stories we've been reading, but I got so very sleepy that I ended up taking a half-hour nap on Ilah's futon couch while Shannon entertained himself by reading with Caruso in the next room.

Then it was onward to our Christmas Eve dinner at the elegant Nation's, home of burgers, pies, and icky greasy breakfast served all day. Ours are definitely high class holidays.

Then we biked home, zig-zagging a bit through the neighborhoods to check out people's outdoor Christmas lights (the LED ones are our favorites), and now we're relaxing at home and taking some time to do our own stuff before we get together around 9 for tv and pie.

It's been a very nice day. And tomorrow we get presents!
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