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Now visible to everyone (since Shannon got his in his Xmas stocking already)

There are three bookmarks in each image, and I notice that some of the edges of the images seem to have been clipped when LJ loaded them, so the edges may not be exact.

Kimberly's Christmas bookmarks
Kimberly's Christmas bookmarks
serial comma, I love frogs, Evelyn de Morgan's Pre-Raphaelite painting "Flora"(1880)
Kimberly's Christmas Bookmarks
Kimberly's Christmas Bookmarks
left to right: the Schoolhouse Rock adjective episode, gecko, the Looney Tunes "What's Opera, Doc?" episode (my favorite cartoon of all time)
Shannon's Christmas Bookmarks
Shannon's Christmas Bookmarks
left to right: Dr. Who (Tom Baker, the first Doctor Shannon loved), Cybermen (from Doctor Who), cover of one of Shannon's favorite Sandman issues
Shannon's Christmas Bookmarks
Shannon's Christmas Bookmarks
left to right: one of the van Gogh starry nights we recently saw at the De Young Museum, weeping angels (from Doctor Who), Cthulhu

Tags: art, books, christmas, gifts, grammar, photoshop, punctuation, tv

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