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Lisa, Birthdays, Restaurants, and Christmas

Tuesday is Lisa's birthday, and so she is going to take me out to dinner. This is kind of an odd little tradition we have, because she likes to go somewhere nice for her birthday, and she likes to have good friends (like me) with her, and she knows I can't afford the kinds of restaurants she would like for such an occasion (and of course I would like to spend time with her to celebrate her birthday, eat funky food, and have fun). So my gift to her is my time, my attention, my friendship, my company ... and she buys me dinner.

The first few years I was invited to her birthday dinner, it was a whole group of us, maybe 6-8 people, but the last couple years it's just been Lisa and me. You see, I'm comparatively easy, as far as dinner companions go, because many of her other friends place various restrictions on the outing. Like, one of them has a phobia about fancy restaurants (and so if Lisa plans her birthday dinner at someplace too nice, this person just won't show up), one of them has a phobia about restaurant plans that require reservations (it stresses her out for some reason), one of them is devotedly pagan and so prefers to attend winter solstice celebrations on that particular day until relatively late in the evening, some of them have significant diet preferences, etc. Whereas: me, I'll go pretty much anywhere and eat pretty much anything at pretty much any time of day. So Lisa can just dream up her absolutely perfectly preferred plan ... and I will be her cheerful Sancho Panza.

So this year (assuming she can get reservations) we're going to go to a truly fancy dancy restaurant in the city: Farallon. I was curious what kind of food they served (after she told me this today), so I checked out their website, and it was full of caviar and oysters and foie gras and various things tartare. It'll be like being a judge on Top Chef!

Before our snazzy dinner, we're going to spend the day at The California Academy of Sciences (natural history museum, aquarium, planetarium, etc.) which is one of my favorite places in the entire world. It houses this absolutely incredible 4-story tropical rainforest exhibit, full of exotic butterflies, lizards, frogs, and other cool stuff. I can't wait to see it again, and Lisa has never gotten to see it! (The last time she was at the museum, the line for the rainforest exhibit was too long, apparently. That can be a problem. But we'll be going on a wintry weekday, so I think we'll be okay.)

Anyway, so I'm all excited for Tuesday.

In the meantime, tomorrow I will finish my Xmas craft projects (they are almost done at this point -- I will post pictures tomorrow so you can see what I've been working on), wrap presents, read some cheesy YA romances from the library, watch some Xmassy shows that are waiting for me on the DVR (I'm halfway through White Christmas, but I'm just not a big fan of that kind of movie -- I didn't like Singin' in the Rain, either.), and just generally get some boring stuff done. But I'm excited by the craft projects coming to completion, and presents have begun to arrive in the mail, and soon I will be eating lots of great food and playing with new toys and it will be neato keen!

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