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The coollest princesses don't wear socks

Our contractor, Ting, and his guys (two of them, always the same guys, but they speak very little English, so I usually just say hi to them and don't try to engage them in further conversation -- otherwise it ends in frustration for all of us) got lots of work done on the garage today: the west wall (the only wall they are building) is now present in its most basic form, and the skeleton of the new roof is well established. Ting is one of my favorite people at this point. Someday soon (by the end of the year, perhaps?), we will have a garage in which to park our bikes! I am soooo excited!

I received another Xmas card today. (Did I mention the one from wesleysgirl? That one came a couple days ago.) This one is from margarks. I love my LJ friends! You guys rock!

And now I shall depart to watch some "It's A Wonderful Life" before going to bed, but I leave you with the lyrics to Jonathan Coulton's most excellent song "The Princess Who Saved Herself," which is currently my favorite song:
There was a castle by a waterfall,
With a pink and purple wall,
And a princess living there.

She had no parents and was all alone,
She got by on her own,
And she liked it pretty well.

'Cause she never wore socks,
She had a pet snake,
She bought a red guitar,
And she ate a whole cake.

And there wasn't anybody there to tell her what to do,
So she did what she wanted to.
Everybody knew the story of the princess who saved herself.
(Princess who saved herself)
(Princess who saved herself)

There was a dragon with a pointy tail,
He was bigger than a whale,
And his breath was terrible.

He scared the princess when he came around,
Tried to burn the castle down,
But she caught him by his tail.

Then she tied him to a tree,
So the dragon couldn't fly,
She told him he was mean,
And it made the dragon cry.

When he finally apologized she offered him some tea,
He accepted it graciously.
Now he visits every weekend with the princess who saved herself.
(Princess who saved herself)
(Princess who saved herself)

There was a witch who was an evil queen,
She was wrinkled old and green,
And she hated everyone.

She saw the princess in her silver gown,
Put the poison apple down,
Asked her where she bought her clothes.

So they got the witch a dress,
Put some make-up on her face,
They started up a band,
And the dragon played the bass.

Every Saturday they play until their fingertips are sore,
Mostly Math Rock and Cuddle Core.
And they call themselves The Kingdom Of The Princess Who Saved Herself.
(Princess who saved herself)
(Princess who saved herself)

The princess who saved herself.
(Princess who saved herself)
(Princess who saved herself)
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