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Last night I was exhausted and fell asleep by 10:15 p.m. or so (which is quite early by our standards). Of course, this meant I was wide awake by 7:30 a.m., so I ended up puttering around, writing a long-intended email to my mom, finishing The Shadow of the Wind (which got a bit better by the end), etc., until Shannon woke up more than 2 hours later.

Lafayette-Moraga Regional TrailWe headed out sometime between 11 and noon for a bike ride on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail, catching BART at Rockridge and riding inland a couple stops to pick up the trail. That area is much more rural than Berkeley, with woods and rolling hills and the occasional cow, so it's always a nice change of pace. Today the weather was chilly and gray (much to Shannon's dismay, as he'd been hoping for the sun predicted by his iPhone), but I thought it was perfect for biking, especially as much of our ride was straight up the side of a mountain (and I don't like to get overheated). Okay, not straight up, and not a mountain, but ... uh ... *gradually* uphill. It was enough to get me winded repeatedly, but not enough to make me miserable. And the trees were *gorgeous*: so much bright red and vivid yellow, interspersed with the dark green of pines and firs. In a few places, the paved trail was literally *covered* in fallen yellow leaves.

There weren't that many other bicyclists out there today; not as many as we've seen on previous visits, anyway. Perhaps it was the chilly weather. We *did* see quite a few bicyclists on BART, though.

All in all, we biked about 15 miles, which is longer than our usual bike rides lately. We hadn't made it out for a significant recreational ride in ages!

We got home (after a stop by Trader Joe's, because it is right there by the Rockridge BART station and so it was extremely convenient) and I literally collapsed. I was asleep within half an hour, and I slept until dinner, when Shannon woke me. I ate dinner (while we watched another episode of "MI-5"), then went back to bed and slept for *another* couple hours, until Shannon woke me around 8:30 to watch "The Amazing Race" season finale (which was unsurprising). And now I'm thinking about going back to sleep very very soon. Just call me Rip van Kimberly. (Have I made that joke before? I imagine I must have.)

Tomorrow I plan to buckle down and do some serious Christmas crafting.
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