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Watched the "Glee" Christmas special tonight and liked it quite a bit. I wasn't terribly interested (ho hum, Rachel and Finn) until the Grinchiness began to develop. I loves me some Grinch. Especially Grinch's dog ... with the truncated antler tied on top of his head. Hee!

Though I did also appreciate that Rachel and Finn sang Wham!'s Last Christmas, which is one of my favorite holiday songs.

I received a most unexpected Xmas present in the mail today! wesleysgirl sent me something book-like (I haven't opened it, of course, since Xmas is still two weeks away), wrapped up in multi-color penguins. So Shannon says it's time for us to start some holiday decorating. Maybe Sunday evening.
Tags: cartoons, christmas, friends, gifts, music, tv

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