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Much housework today: laundry, dishes, sweeping, scrubbing, sheet changing, and random other stuff. Then I went out to Chinese for lunch, and then I fell unconscious for a couple hours.

The weather was so nice this afternoon that I went out wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops.

Last night I dreamt that our contractor had torn down the garage wall that we share with the neighbors, instead of leaving it standing as he was supposed to, and I was crying because now he was going to have to rebuild a whole 'nother wall and it was going to cost more money. I don't know why I've been suddenly having anxiety dreams lately.

I watched a film version of A Christmas Carol today, but it wasn't the one I was hoping for. This was a 1938 American adaptation, and -- upon further research -- I think the one I remember watching when I was growing up was a British version made in 1951. There were all these scenes that seemed to be missing, like the thieves arguing over the bed curtains. And (spoiler alert!) Scrooge found out that Tiny Tim was dead when the Ghost of Christmas Present just told him; there was no dramatic camera shot of the little crutch kept in a place of honor in the Cratchit home. Sadly, Netflix does not stream the version I want, so perhaps I will have to get it from them on disk sometime in the next couple weeks.

I haven't watched the Grinch yet, though it's my favorite. I'm saving it for closer to Christmas.

Today I also fell in love with a song called "Delicate," by Damien Rice. I've never heard of this person before, but I just *adore* this song. You can hear it on YouTube here:

I've been more in the mood for boppy 80s stuff lately, but this song just made me feel all kinds of emotions and won me over immediately.

I'm feeling totally crap about my weight lately -- I'm about 35 lbs heavier than my preferred healthy weight right now -- but I know that December is not the month to try to lose weight. And it isn't making me self-conscious about being naked in front of Shannon ... it's just largely about how my clothes fit. I can't wear some of my favorite clothes, and that makes me unhappy.
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