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Hung out with Lisa all day, as is our usual Saturday wont, though we mostly just talked and lunched, rather than playing Dominion much. But we can (and do) just talk for hours, so it was a very nice day.

In the evening, Shannon's brother Robby stopped by, because he was in the area to go to a party in SF. (He lives in San Jose, which isn't *terribly* far away, but we don't see him often. He's busy with college and his job and brewing various forms of alcohol.) We got to talk with him quite a bit, take him to dinner at Cafe Intermezzo, and see some pictures from his trip to China a few months ago. I love Robby to pieces, so it was great to visit with him.

After Robby left to go to his friend's party, Shannon and I biked into the night to buy groceries at Safeway, because Shannon was concerned that it might rain tomorrow, which would make biking less pleasant. I will probably bike on my own down to Target at some point this week to get some things that are significantly cheaper there (like instant oatmeal and juice). Also, we could use some new sheets. Wow ... my journal is really exciting. I'll bet you really care about my shopping for sheets.

Tomorrow, I plan to veg out and let my brain turn to mush. Okay, not really. I plan to do some housework, work on my Christmas projects, work on a fairly simple Cobweb-related project (making a cardboard box she loves to lie in more comfortable for her), spend some time appreciating the fabulousness of my husband, and perhaps watch this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," which I have been hoarding until the absolute perfect time to watch it, when there will not be construction noise, when I won't be interrupted by other activities, etc. Is it sad that I find some tv shows important enough (to me) to hoard? If so, who cares.
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