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Really, how much can I possibly have to say about burger places?

The contractor and his guys (and a great big cement truck) laid the foundation for the new west wall of our garage today, and on Monday they're going to build the frame for the whole new structure. It's so exciting to have things happening finally!

I thought about writing something in the cement, since part of it looked like it would not actually be covered up by the wall, but there were no sticks (or other writing implements) handy, and I didn't care enough to go find something.

Also, our contractor (Ting) at long last asked us for a deposit today. He's been doing all this work thus far based on only a verbal agreement. I was quite happy to write him a check, as we've been extremely pleased with his work, his communication with us, his organization, etc. I plan to write a webpage about how great he is and post it on my website when all this is done. I'll be sure to include lots of relevant search terms, so that when people search online for a local contractor (like I did, repeatedly) they will be more likely to find him.

Two out of three cats in our household agree: the new heated kitty pad rocks. The third cat (Lucy) seems deathly afraid of the thing and refuses to even touch it, even when avoiding it requires strange contortions, precarious balancing acts, or impressive leaps. But Cobweb and Munchkin spent much of the day today curled up together on the pad, toasting their little furry bums. Maybe it's a geriatric cat thing, since Cobweb and Munchkin are 15, and Lucy is 3.

We went to the Smokehouse (takeout place with burgers, hot dogs, shakes/malts, etc.) for dinner tonight. I'd never been there before, though I'd walked past it, ridden past it on buses, and heard other people talk about it a gazillion times. I know Shannon really likes the chicken sandwiches there, though we both agree that the fries are rather greasy (I've stolen a few when he brought them home on Wednesday nights, since he bikes right past there.). I made the mistake of ordering fish and chips (because they had big signs for it written on the windows as we came in, and I'm extremely susceptible to advertising -- plus, I love fish and chips), and the fish was coated with *breading* instead of *batter*. That's just *wrong*! And the whole fish experience was rather ... mushy. I won't order it again. I like burgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and lots of the other stuff on their menu, so I'm still willing to go back. It's nice to add a new place to our standard cheap restaurants where we go often.

Now that I think about it, the Smokehouse reminded me a little bit of the Snack Shop in Koloa (on Kaua'i), though the Snack Shop has no indoor area at all, just a place to wait in line and a window to order/get your food. Their menus were somewhat familiar, though: lots of grease. Though at the Snack Shop I usually get the mahi mahi sandwich, and they didn't have anything so exotic at the Smokehouse.

My sister-in-law, Melody, (and, to a lesser extent, my father-in-law) *adores* the Snack Shop, but I've never understood why. I've never been tremendously fond of deep fried anything. Except maybe the onion rings at Bongo Burger. Yum. Oh, and fried banana with coconut ice cream (at Thai restaurants).

We've finished with our recent Harry Dresden reading, and we've picked up Louise Erdrich's Tracks for our latest read-aloud book. I really enjoy this series of hers, with all the interconnected stories and characters extending from one book to another to another. Louise Erdrich is one of my absolute favorite authors, because she writes with a certain structural complexity, but also with great emotional complexity. We were studying her in my class on the novel in grad school my last semester there. I recommend her books highly: start with Love Medicine.

My Christmas craft projects continue apace (that word always makes me think of Romeo and Juliet: "Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds / Toward Phoebus' lodging." I've always liked that particular speech, which -- if I remember correctly -- is when Juliet is looking forward to her wedding night with Romeo.). I work on them a bit every day. It's fun.

Icon chosen because I've been watching some videos on YouTube that are a "good parts" version of Queer As Folk: US. Basically, it's all the Brian/Justin angsty/romantic stuff and very little of all the other characters. I wouldn't recommend it as a way to watch the series for the first time, but for those of us who have seen all the seasons multiple times already, this is a fun way to watch just the parts that interest me most.
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