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Bought some more music from iTunes today: more Squeeze, more Sparks, some Cure, some Smiths, some Madness, and a couple random things (a Jonathan Coulton song which makes me deliriously happy and a Moxy Fruvous song).

Cobweb discovered the heated kitty cushion today when Shannon decided to try putting it in a different location, and she has barely moved since that moment, so I'm now feeling pretty good about that purchase. Of course, it means she doesn't come and cuddle with *me* as much, but I think my ego can survive. Maybe occasionally, when I plan to spend a while on the couch, I will hide the cushion and then she will *have* to rely on my body heat and I can get some cuddle time. Wow ... I wonder if this is how teenage boys think about teenage girls.

I did some errands today, and I was *extremely* close to going to Crixa Cakes to buy a slice of pumpkin pie (because it's a seasonal item and so I should get it while it's available, because I have a bit of money to spend, and because ... um ... because it's good?), but I decided that I would run my errands in the other direction, instead, so I wouldn't be tempted. I've been eating far too much junk food, and it's time to make an effort in that department.

But, you know, pumpkin pie is almost like health food. It's got fruit, and dairy, and ... well ... there's gotta be some fiber in pie crust, right? No? Well, I tried.

"Top Chef: All-Stars" started yesterday, but I only got around to watching the episode today. I'm fairly new to the series, so a lot of these "all-stars" are completely unknown to me, but I still enjoy the social dynamics among the competitors, the snarking of the judges, and the nearly endless parade of just beautiful beautiful food.

Hmm. This entire journal entry seems to be id-driven. Let's add in some superego, shall we? I should be working on Christmas presents! I should be emailing my mom! I should be doing laundry! Hey, those sheets need changing!
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