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Damon and Elena fics and vids

All you non-TVD fans, just ignore this.

I just wanted to share a couple D/E bits and pieces that I've been enjoying in the past couple days. First, a couple videos I totally adore:

And second, some fics I've been reading recently:

Blue-Kool-Aid's Fire - "Damon and Elena need each other. They don't realize that until it's too late. D/E; Post 2.09 - 'Katerina.'" The description was more fitting when the fic was only a one-shot, but now the author is intending 4-5 chapters (3 are written so far) and it has become considerably less pessimistic.

ThreeJays' Someday, Maybe - "Elena's drunk and Damon's looking like a target. But is it really that simple? ONESHOT Damon/Elena *Post 2x09* - not nearly as fluffy as you might expect - Rated T for language and some adult-ish content." It's no longer a one-shot (as happens so often when readers clamor for more of something good), but it's still fabulous. (I also really liked this author's fic 50 Days of Not Forgetting, so you should check that out, too.)

Maci.S's Jealousy - "Elena bites back a gasp. She's jealous. She's jealous of Rose; of Damon. She's jealous of Rose and Damon together." Delicious angst ... with a bit of hope for the future (at least, I see it that way).

MissNeC's Bitten - "When it comes to Elena's life, Damon drops the act. He would die for her, but no matter how much she thinks she hates him...she doesnt want him to." Angsty angsty angsty one-shot, but the author hasn't marked it as "complete," so I don't know if it is finished.
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