Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

A busy but Lisa-less Saturday

Cobweb has been vomiting liquid all evening, and she seems miserable and withdrawn. Poor baby. I'm worried about her. Why does this keep happening? She hasn't been doing well at all lately: no appetite, constipation, vomiting, random poopiness, just general lack of goodness. We've had a number of potential remedies recommended to us ... next up on the experimental wheel of fortune: canned pumpkin. We'll see.

Lisa is out of town, visiting her friend John for Thanksgiving as she does every year, and they are -- according to their tradition -- eating holiday Pop Tarts. Don't ask. It's a long story. But this means I was Lisa-less today, so I had an unusually solitary Saturday. But instead of just sitting around and enjoying the alone time, I was busy busy busy.

Today was my last day checking on Caruso (Ilah's adorable white cat who absolutely *dwarfs* our three petite cats) for this particular stint (I'll be cat-sitting him again when Ilah and her husband go out of town for Christmas.), and he was much friendlier this time around, since he's been permitted to go outside since I last saw him and is therefore not desperate to get away from me. When I walked up the walk to the front door, I called out his name a few times, and he answered me with enthusiastic chirrups from the neighbor's yard, running toward me and then scaling the high wooden fence far more quickly than I would have imagined possible. He wasn't out of food or water or anything, and he could easily have gotten back into the house; I guess he was just happy for the company. He came and sat with me the whole time I was there, purring a lot and occasionally meowing at me or otherwise verbally expressing himself. I set out my sweater for him, and he curled up on it and sat there for ages. I, of course, fell asleep on Ilah's couch for about an hour, after giving him lots of scritches and talking to him for quite a while. I hope that even a sleeping person does give him *some* degree of company.

On the way there, the sun was shining, everything was beautiful, but the rain absolutely *poured* down on my head. I had an umbrella in my backpack, but the sunlight kept leading me to believe that the rain was going to let up any moment, so I got pretty badly soaked before I finally gave in and pulled out my umbrella ... what's that they say about closing the barn door after the horse has gone? But I didn't mind getting wet.

On my way home from Ilah/Caruso's house, I decided to take the bus. When I walked up to the nearest bus stop (on University near San Pablo), a vaguely familiar-looking older black guy began talking to me and said he recognized me. I'm not in that area very often, so I was doubtful, but then I realized that I had seen him busking (rather tunelessly, I'm afraid) in the downtown Berkeley BART station yesterday when Shannon and I were on our way to San Francisco. What are the chances that a busker would remember the face of a stranger from in the constantly shifting crowd ... a stranger who didn't give him any money or even walk particularly near him? It was kind of nice, actually, like we were Berkeley BART buddies or something. We chatted quite a bit until the bus came.

I've decided I'm not going to the book club meeting I was previously planning to attend on Tuesday, because I've been sleeping so much that I just haven't been able to finish the book they'll be discussing, and I'd rather not show up without finishing and end up *spoiled* for exciting events at the end, especially as there's a lot of mystery in the book (Carlos Ruiz Zafón's The Shadow of the Wind). In fact, the club is going to be discussing *two* of that author's novels, and I haven't even *started* the second one. Oh well. Very disappointing, but I'll get over it.

I'm tired of sleeping so much! Literally! But I spent today mostly getting stuff done: dishes, laundry, cat-sitting, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, preparing some Thanksgiving leftovers for freezing, making various bureaucratic phone calls, and who knows what else. My only napping was that one hour with Caruso. I'm hoping to stay awake until at least 10, preferably 11, and try to sleep normal hours like a normal person.

Random note: I always carry a big bottle of water with me when I'm going to be away from the house for an extended period. The last time Shannon and I went to the dog park, I poured out some of my water into the little bowl that is set out for small dogs who can't reach the larger buckets of doggy-drinkable water, because the small bowl was almost empty. Shannon seemed to think it was strange that I would share my water with the dogs, which attitude I -- in turn -- thought was strange. There was a drinking fountain nearby, so I could refill my bottle easily, so it's not like it cost me anything. Why not share my water? Huh.
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