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Okay, first, allow me to beg the forgiveness of all folks on my friends list who don't like Christmas and/or get annoyed by how far-reaching the "season" has become -- I'm looking at you, Shannon -- because this journal entry is going to have some stuff about Christmas. I know, I know: it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!

Got lots of things done today. While running errands, I stopped by Crossroads Trading Company (a somewhat trendy used clothing store) to have a look at their coats. I've gained some weight the last couple years (I shall delicately refrain from specifying how *much* weight. Let's just say it's enough to displease me.) and my winter coat is temporarily too small ("temporarily" because I don't plan to stay at this weight). I browsed for quite a while, and ended up buying a black pea coat from Old Navy for $16. What a deal! I was hoping for a more colorful coat -- green? red? blue? -- but this black one was the only one that fit *and* was a style that suited me. I'm not really into coats with lots of ruffles or lots of zippers or lots of faux fur. Just give me a nice wool coat with conveniently located pockets and some big buttons. Bonus points if it has a hood, handy for those days when your ears get cold.

I am proud to announce that I mailed off my mom and brother's Xmas package today. Yay! I often procrastinate until just a few days before Xmas and then have to pay exorbitant postage costs to ship to Florida, so it was nice to have a very relaxed trip to the post office, send the package Parcel Post, and just generally feel good about being on the ball.

I have a DIY/crafty Xmas gift idea which I shall leave mysterious at this point in time, but I'm looking forward to working on it. Neat! I will write more about this later, when work has progressed a bit.
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