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Cheap food, overly abundant linens, and hand-made childhood bedding

Chilly weather today, but lots of sun. Super neat.

Shannon and I biked to Target this morning to buy ultra-cheap groceries. While we were there, Shannon did some oh-so-subtle Christmas shopping: "Which of these winter coats do you like best? What size fits you? Try it on to see if you like it. Why? Oh, no reason."

We came home, watched some "Glee," cleaned the house, showered together, got sexed up, read some Harry Dresden, watched "The Amazing Race," talked a lot, and -- oh yeah -- I slept and slept and slept in the in-between times.

When doing housework, I cleaned out the linen closet. I pulled out blankets Shannon said he'd never seen before. I decided to get rid of lots of stuff we never use. Like: we have about a gazillion pillow cases. We wear out our sheets, and then we buy new sheets (which come with pillow cases), and we never throw out the perfectly good pillow cases left behind. Over the years, they accumulate! Well, maybe someone else could use 800 million pillow cases, so I will give them away.

I felt terribly conflicted about what to do with the quilt my mom made for me when I was 6-10 years old (it took her a few years). It isn't really my style -- some 30 years later -- seeing as it's covered in Girl Scout symbols, roller skates, Raggedy Ann dolls, and such, but how can one get rid of something with such sentimental value? And yet ... it seems ridiculous to just keep it in a closet. For now, I decided to keep it. Just think of all the hours my mom put into that thing, just for me!

I've been feeling funky about my weight lately, but I don't feel ready to write about it at this juncture. And, anyway, I've probably said it all before. Bleh. Lingering issues!
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