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Will the real Spaghettios please stand up?

Gorgeous, sunny day today! I was out biking in our neighborhood, and the leaves were rustling in the trees and the sky was blue and people were smiling and it rocked.

I had Spaghettios for lunch, just for a nostalgic lark. This stuff was a *major* staple in my diet when I was growing up (along with Chef Boyardee ravioli, Dinty Moore beef stew, Lucky Charms cereal, Swanson's tv dinners, Ore-Ida tater tots, Kraft mac-n-cheese, and Welch's grape jelly ... oh, and occasionally Shake-n-Bake pork chops when my mom felt like cooking).

These were some other brand of tomato-y pasta, though, from a company that makes relatively *healthy* kid stuff, so they were *whole-grain* faux-Spaghettios. Tasted the same to me.

Of course, I probably haven't tasted Spaghettios in more than 25 years, so my memory may be a bit hazy.

Anyway, it's not something I'd want to eat every day, but it was a pleasantly evocative dining experience. Maybe I'll try it again in another quarter-century.
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