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My mom's birthday started about an hour ago in Tallahassee, though it's still Nov. 14th here in the *far* more fabulous state of California. Not that Tallahassee is a state, of course, but Florida has two time zones ... you know what? Never mind.

Yesterday I hung out with Lisa (who has posted an "It gets better" video which you should totally check out, and which I shall embed here because it *rocks*):

We BARTed into the city and had dim sum at Yank Sing, which was amazing (as it was last time we went, too), though I'm not too fond of Lisa's favorite Shanghai dumplings. They're filled with broth, and so when I first bite into them and my mouth fills with liquid I have this momentary panicky feeling that I'm going to drown. My favorite this time was the mushrooms stuffed with chicken; they were kinda greasy, but so so so flavorful! Plus, Yank Sing serves an excellent shu mai, though their har gow impresses me less. It's not bad ... just not extraordinary.

After getting back from the city, we played some Dominion (as usual) and talked and talked and talked. She's one of the coolest people I know.

Then Shannon and I biked to get groceries that night (Saturday), and today we mostly took it easy but spent a lot of time together (including the usual weekly housecleaning). We've been communicating really well, and I feel like we're closer than ever. Things are pretty good!
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