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Nov. 9th, 2010

I slept most of the day. What a surprise! But I also did a fair amount of housework.

Cobweb seems to be feeling better, but cleanliness of the nether regions was an issue in the wake of yesterday's health problems. So Shannon and I held her down and cleaned her bottom, and she was none too pleased. She doesn't even like it when other cats *sniff* her bottom, let alone being attacked with a wash cloth! But she's a very fastidious cat, so I think she was happier once she was cleaner, even if she didn't enjoy the actual *process* of cleaning. She's been purring quite a bit this evening and showed extreme interest in my Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream, so those are both good signs.

In the evening, Shannon and I biked up to the Rockridge library and got our Oakland PL cards and checked out some stuff. It's a small library, but I assume they can get stuff from the other branches in the Oakland system for you. I plan to explore their audio book selection.

After the library, S and I went to dinner at the Claremont Diner (at my suggestion, because it's nearby and I used to love going there). Their menu was wonderfully varied and the food we ordered was quite good and generously portioned. I had spinach ravioli in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce, accompanied by a ton of delicious steamed vegetables, and preceded by a very tasty "vegetable barley" soup (I saw no barley -- but there did seem to be a profusion of *rice*). We were both quite happy with our meals, and I've suggested that we put the Claremont Diner on our short list of places to eat out on Friday nights. It's a bit more expensive than the other places we go, but it's also tastier and healthier. Plus, I didn't finish all my food, so it will end up feeding me for more than one meal.

Biking home in the dark, we got rained on quite a lot. I haven't biked in significant rain in years and years, so Shannon warned me about wet brakes and such. Mostly, I was just cursing spectacle-related difficulties, as the rain on my lenses, combined with the fogging up of the plastic due to my physical exertion, made visibility a challenge. Also, my bike helmet has no visor, so water started streaming down into my eyes. I totally can't remember why I chose a helmet with no visor -- probably because I liked the color better. Doh!

When we got home, Shannon read me some Harry Dresden (which we'd started at Claremont Diner), and then I fell unconscious.


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Nov. 13th, 2010 07:04 am (UTC)
The Rockridge Library can definitely get you books from anywhere in the Oakland system, and you can place holds online. I do this at the Chavez branch near my house all the time. (Well, not all the time, as the Alameda Free Library and the Foster City Library near my office are my top two choices, but Oakland is definitely #3.)
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