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Had lunch with Debbie today at Turkish Kitchen, and there was far too much food, but it was tasty. At any rate, I was really there for the company, and it was marvelous to hang out with Deb for a bit.

Spent much of the rest of the day messing around with Photoshop and various free font sites, working on my new design for my personal website. I can spend hours and hours on font sites, because they are endlessly fascinating. Almost every font inspires ideas in my head for situations in which it would be appropriate. Some, however, are just weird.

In today's mail, I received the iTunes gift card I won in an online contest months ago, so I spent much of the evening joyfully racing here and there through the iTunes Store. In the past few years, I have for some reason felt that I should buy new (to me) music by new (to me) artists to expand my tastes, but tonight I was like, "Dude. I feel like buying more Green Day, and more Weezer, and more Counting Crows, and maybe some of that old Tracy Chapman that I love but don't own. So this is what I bought:

Tracy Chapman - "Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution" and "Fast Car"
James Blunt - "You're Beautiful"
The Offspring - "Why Don't You Get a Job?"
Counting Crows - "Accidentally in Love"
Voltaire - "When You're Evil"
Sugar Ray - "Someday"
Weezer - "Troublemaker," "Heart Songs," and "No One Else"
Green Day - "Before the Lobotomy," "Murder City," and "Basket Case"

I'm all excited to have new music, so I loaded it all onto my Nano and plan to listen to songs instead of an audiobook while walking to/from Lisa's tomorrow. I think I'm most excited by the Tracy Chapman, actually. I own one of her later albums on CD, but I haven't really listened to her old stuff in many many years.

In the evening, Shannon and I walked up to KFC/Taco Bell and we didn't get rained on at all, despite all recent forecasts. Perhaps I frightened away the rain by carrying two umbrellas in my backpack.

For some reason, this election season is creating more than the usual amount of campaign insanity. Pretty much every day for the last couple weeks, we have had people calling us on our home phone, pressuring us to vote for this or that candidate, often repeated calls for the same candidate. And our snailmailbox is inundated with slick postcards lauding various politicians. And people are pushing fliers through the mail slot in the wall near the front door of our house. And when we fast-forward through tv shows on our DVR, there are gazillions of commercials, most of them seeming to focus on Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman (the candidates for CA governor). I have a bit of nostalgic fondness for Jerry Brown, because I remember him from when I was a little kid (he was CA governor 1975-1983), though I seem to recall that he had hair back then. And he was a happenin' bachelor who dated rock star Linda Ronstadt.. My little elementary school self was pretty impressed that our state governor was dating a famous rock star.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a weekend of hanging out with friends, eating out, playing board and/or card games, bicycling, walking miles and miles, and just generally having a good time. I suggested to Shannon that if it isn't raining on Sunday, we could bike down to this wacky house in west Berkeley that has huge animatronic Halloween decorations all over its roof, porch, yard, and fence. Crazy! He loves stuff like that.
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