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I did about a thousand things today. Approximately.

There was card shopping (for this weekend's wedding), lint-brush buying (for Shannon's hat for this weekend's wedding), laundering (of clothing, not money), appointment making (with the gyn, who likes me so much she wants to see me again in November), dropping off of bureaucratic papers that need to be signed by docs, travel snack shopping at Trader Joe's, school (where we all -- including me -- agreed that I need to change the color scheme of my fledgeling website design), wedding shirt buying at Sears (more about this in a moment), one BART ride, one bus ride, and miles and miles and miles of walking, some of it in the rain.

It appears that one of Shannon's shirts -- in fact, his preferred dress-up shirt -- may have somehow ended up in *my* closet ... and that I may have inadvertently given it away during my recent closet purges. It seems possible, because I *did* once have a shirt of that approximate color (pale green) and style, and I didn't like it, so if I didn't look closely I might have gotten them confused. I was much chagrined to recognize this possibility, so I told Shannon I would go out today and buy him a new shirt, since his couldn't be located. (We're leaving tomorrow, and he has people over tonight, so there's no way he could go shopping himself.) We got the previous shirt at Sears, so I went there again ... only to discover that they just happened to have women's petite jeans on sale for $10 right now! I was needing a new pair of jeans, so I tried some on and bought a pair when I paid for Shannon's dress shirt. It was like fate! (I normally find it obscenely difficult to find jeans that are short enough for me. So many stores don't sell petites at all ... like short people just have to learn to sew or something!)

Sears is down by the 19th Street BART station in downtown Oakland, so I took BART there from school. When I finished at Sears, though, the evening had nudged into rush hour, and I didn't want to fight my way onto a standing-room-only train, just to ride a few stops, so I decided to walk home instead, running a couple more errands and stopping for dinner along the way.

So I walked from 19th to 51st (about 30 blocks), where I considered having dinner at Boston Market, but when I went inside I was accosted by the sight and sound of many rambunctious children, so I just surreptitiously used the restaurant's bathroom and then departed in search of a more restful dining experience.

So I kept walking ... and walking ... and walking ... and a few raindrops were falling on me ... and I was wondering exactly how wet I was going to be by the time I got home ... and then I saw Zachary's Pizza. Ooooooooh! So I went to Zachary's for dinner all on my lonesome, but The Count of Monte Cristo kept me company quite excellently.

When I emerged -- sated -- from Zachary's, I found that the weather had taken a turn for the damp, and rain was now coming down pretty steadily. I still had another couple of miles of walking ahead of me, so I thought, "Maybe I should take the bus home," and then I realized that I didn't actually have bus fare with me. Doh! So I went into Trader Joe's and got change and didn't have to wait in the rain too long before the #51B bus came along and brought me within 5 or 6 blocks of my house.

Now I'm home, and I'm exhaaaauuuuuusted! I still have more things to do before we leave, but some of them can wait until the morning.

I think I'll wear my unexpected new "fate" jeans tomorrow!
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