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Hung out with Lisa today. She's thinking about doing an It Gets Better video, especially as so few of them feature trans people, so she asked me to have a look at her first draft of a script of what she wants to say. We ended up talking about it for more than an hour, and it was a pretty intense conversation.

We also had an excellent lunch at Saul's. I had a vegetable plate with diced cucumbers (w/zhoug, which was too spicy for me, so I had to eat around it), lightly steamed (still sorta crunchy) yellow squash slices, very tasty tomato slices w/basil and mozzarella, thinly sliced raw sweet red peppers, hummus, and pita bread. It was incredible.

In the evening, Shannon and I went grocery shopping, but didn't buy much. We're pretty stocked up already. Then we watched the season premiere of Caprica while eating dinner. I really like "Caprica," but I most especially like the new font used for the title in the credits, with beautiful notches cut out of the capital A's. Previously, the font had those missing notches, but the letters were thicker, with clunkier serifs. The altered font has a wonderfully appropriate distressed metallic sheen and more obviously sinister, dagger-like serifs. I find it very striking, not to mention appropriate for the feel and content of the series itself. Excellent job, whoever designed this type!

And now I feel like I'm about to fall over. I plan to have a relaxed day tomorrow: paint my toenails, watch some tv, read some fic, stop by the library, and work on my homework assignment -- a 6-12-page brochure about biking in the East Bay -- which is what, if I'm realistic, I must admit will probably absorb me most of the day. I've been really enjoying the design work I've been doing for this class. Perhaps this might lead me to a new career? Proofreading isn't really going anywhere at this point -- since so few publishing companies use proofreaders anymore -- so I need to think about other options, and it would be nice to do something I really enjoy. And my teacher and fellow classmates seem to think I'm good at it!
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