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Hot weather today.

Shannon and I biked down to the bay today (the trails were *packed* with pedestrians and bikes -- and what Shannon calls "joggestrians"), stopping for a pleasant interlude at the Point Isobel dog park (so many happy dogs! watching them makes *me* happy, too!) before looping around to go to Target in Albany. Such cheap food! And so much variety! They had *tons* of frozen dinners that weren't made with egg, including lots of pastas. Most of the pasta I've gotten elsewhere was made with egg. I'm willing to experiment with eating some egg at this point, but if I can get stuff without, then that is of course preferable. And this was *whole wheat* pasta without egg -- cool!

Shortcomings of the Target grocery section: jam (very little variety, and almost all low quality), crackers, carbonated water (they carry almost none! and what they do have is more expensive than Safeway!), produce (but I've mentioned this before -- it just means I have to make a separate trip to Berkeley Bowl tomorrow), tinned soup (not much variety), etc.

On the way home, we stopped by Ace in Berkeley, because Shannon had discovered that our "sanding sponge" had gone walkabout, and he wanted to get one to use this evening on his window frame sanding project. I stayed out with the bikes/groceries (since it would have been a pain to have to detach the panniers full of food and take them with us into the store) and the sun was soooo hot! But I got to people watch (and saw a guy go past wearing black socks with white bicycles all over them -- I wanted a pair! even though I almost never wear socks!)

Then we biked the rest of the way home, and it was rather pleasant to have that stop at Ace, because it allowed me to catch my breath after all the uphill. The rest of the way to our house is *mildly* uphill, but it feels worse when I'm huffing and puffing already when I get there. This way, I started fresh, and the trip from Ace to our house was comfortable and pleasant.

We got home around 1:30 in the afternoon and sat down together to watch an episode of "Glee" on DVD while we ate lunch, after which I fell into a semi-comatose post-uphill-biking slumber.

My elbow hurts, as I performed one of my patented wipe-outs on my bike this morning (unexpected stops tend to make me lose my balance), but otherwise all is well. I have things I'd like to do (some design stuff in Photoshop, some computer organizational stuff, some housework), but I think maybe I'll go sleep some more. I am woman; hear me snore.
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