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Tapas and Lisa

Lisa and I went to Cesar again today, and this time I *loved* it. Perhaps my taste buds just needed a chance to adjust to Spanish food ... or perhaps it's just that we ordered different dishes this time. Here's what we had:

- a heirloom tomato salad with cucumber, watermelon, cilantro, mint, pine nuts, and pomegranate vinagreta

- montaditos (on baguette slices) with piquillo peppers, shiitake mushrooms, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar

- a plate of cured meats: jamon serrano (12 month air-dried ham from landrace pigs), chorizo soria (cured pork loin and paprika chorizo), and butifarra (cooked pork sausage with garlic and nutmeg)

- bread pudding with orange-caramel sauce and whipped cream

In addition, Lisa had a bowl of gazpacho and a glass of sangria. It was a wonderful meal for such a hot day. My favorite was the tomato/cucumber/watermelon salad, though the montaditos (which were my favorite thing the first time we came here) were also amazing. Lisa has definitely been expanding my gustatory horizons these last few years ... even if she *does* have a tendency to suggest Saul's 90% of the time.

Back at her house, we played a couple games of Dominion, as usual, each winning one game, as usual, but then we just hung out for a few hours talking about everything under the sun while relaxing on her couch.
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