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Got lots of stealthy housework done this morning, while Shannon lay sleeping upstairs. I didn't want to wake him, so I crept around like a robber ... except that I was putting things *away* instead of taking them out.

School today was fabuloso. I got lots of very useful criticism on my current project, and when we had finished and were ready to move on to someone else's work, I chastised my fellow classmates for giving me such great ideas that I just wanted to run home and bring up Photoshop and start futzing right that very moment. But yes, I stuck around for the rest of the class, and we started talking about the design of "tri-fold brochures." So that's what I'll be working on next. Most of the examples the teacher showed us were boooooring, so I predict that I'll be doing something a bit different.

Today I walked to and from school, since my knee is now pretty much pain-free. It's about an hour each way, but the little side streets between here and there are really pleasant. Lots of trees. It was a very enjoyable walk. There's a new Trader Joe's along my route, so I stopped in and thought about buying something (multi-grain crackers? dangerous pumpkin bread (dangerous because it's made with egg)? fresh fruit? low-sugar lemonade?), but walked back out with my wallet intact. I just didn't feel an actual *need* to buy anything.

We received a notice in the mail today that the city of Berkeley will be distributing new recycling bins which will have separate sections for bottles/cans/plastic and cardboard/paper. So my angsting (a few weeks ago) about what to do with paper recycling when one does not get paper grocery bags from the grocery store and instead uses reusable bags -- wait, this sentence is getting unwieldy -- anyway, apparently the people in the city government actually *have* been thinking about this issue. Nice to know.

On my lengthy walks to and from school, I listened to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, and I'm finding it utterly engrossing. I've listened to it quite a bit this evening at home, too. I'll probably finish it tomorrow. Oh no! And then it will be over! I think I'm going to have to buy these books.

I have not napped *at all* today.

Tomorrow, I get to hang out with the industrious Mr. Chiu at the planning department in downtown Berkeley. Perhaps I will come home with permits!
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