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Eggs, Knee Ouchie, Yummy Juice, District 9, Sleeping Sickness, Swedish Feminism, and Much Love for D

Just the usual Saturday with Lisa, brunching and playing Dominion and hanging out. I decided to take a risk and order pumpkin pancakes (pancakes are usually made with eggs), and I thought everything was okay ... but about an hour after we ate I suddenly became ill. Not terribly so, but still not good, and probably the result of the accumulation of egg in my system, given that I ate the egg white omelette yesterday.

And yet, on the way home in the evening, I decided to try some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So I bought a cone of coconut seven layer something, which the B&J website informs me is made with egg yolks, and I didn't get even remotely sick. So perhaps the problem is egg whites, rather than yolks. I'll continue to experiment.

My knee now seems to be healing well. I've been alternating between keeping it moist with Neosporin and a Band-Aid and letting it get some air (mostly while I'm sleeping and it won't get rubbed or scraped by clothing). The spectacular bruise is almost completely gone, and the scrape is now a normal color with no greenish tinge. Also, it doesn't hurt so much when I bend the knee. Yay! Riding my bike tonight wasn't a problem at all.

In the evening, Shannon and I biked to Safeway to buy groceries. I was happy to find that they carry the new Ocean Spray fruit/veggie juices I recently discovered. I bought one of them at Target, just because it was on super duper sale, and I was surprised to find that they're quite tasty, though I have to temper them with carbonated water (they are too densely sweet for me). But I am always happy to find another 100% juice that I like. I recommend the Cranberry Strawberry Banana variety.

Tonight after groceries, Shannon and I watched District 9 (from Netflix). I heard really good things about this movie when it first came out, and I wasn't at all disappointed now that we finally saw it. It was a bit different than I had expected, though, because I had mostly heard only about the apartheid metaphor, but I think the movie was about more than just that. The special effects (especially the aliens) were amazing, but what impressed me most was the depth and growth of characterization in the main character. As with the fruit/veggie juice, I recommend it.

My sleepiness was rather extreme today. When I had about half an hour before I needed to leave for Lisa's house, I lay down and grabbed a quick nap. And then I told Lisa I didn't want to watch any of our usual tv in the afternoon, because I was pretty certain I would fall asleep, so we hung out and talked instead. Then, when I got home from her house, I fell asleep until Shannon got home. It's a little frustrating, because I'm very excited to listen to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, but all I seem to be able to do is snooze. I mostly only listen to it while I walk places. And I'll probably listen to it tomorrow while I do housework. Thus far, it rocks.

I've been feeling very affectionate toward my friends lately, just thinking about how much I love the people closest to me and how happy I am that they're in my life. I feel lucky.
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