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Today was a good day. I even got through the afternoon without napping! I got sleepy after dinner, but otherwise I was mostly okay. I still need to phone that sleep specialist tomorrow to find out what's happening with the referral.

The morning was housework, and the afternoon was school. Today the teacher projected everyone's homework up on the board so we could see how we each responded to the same prompt (same text, same dimensions, but nothing else specified). I couldn't believe that two of the people in the class designed their invitations in *Word*. Um ... not ideal for design work. It was hard to give those people useful feedback, because what they'd done violated pretty much every rule the teacher has discussed with us. But we all tried.

I was a tiny bit disappointed that I didn't get any constructive criticism on my invitation. I mean, I often respond badly to criticism (my feelings get hurt), but I had been looking forward to what suggestions people might offer, figuring that's how I can improve. But everyone just talked about the good stuff, asked me how I did it, etc. A couple times I asked questions about what could be improved, but people just said more nice stuff in response. I think I'm going to have to be a bit more insistent that they *help* me instead of just making me feel nice.

And I once again had the experience I had throughout college, grad school, and some jobs: namely, "Does anyone listen to instructions but me? Does anyone else read the homework?" I was shocked that most of the people did *exactly* the things the teacher had told us to avoid. I mean, I was a bit worried that my invitation might be too rigid because I *followed* the rules, but the other students didn't even seem to recognize that they'd done anything unusual.

And yet ... they seem like an intelligent, interesting group of people. Some of them are primarily artists, so they have a perspective very different from my own. I think the class will get more interesting as time goes on. And the teacher is encouraging me to take a class in Illustrator afterward, though I don't have that software at home.

In the evening, I spent some time working on our next assignment, which is to create a matching business card, letterhead, and envelope. I've thought about what "company" or "business" to use, and I want to go with something whimsical (I considered making them for Doctor Who, for example, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Barack Obama, but I chose something more personal, instead, as I might actually find a use for it afterward). I really enjoy working with Photoshop, so it's nice to be doing it again.

And now I do believe it is time to curl up with a cat and fall asleep.
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