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I've decided to start posting public entries once in a while, since I'm not feeling the need to protect myself so fully these days.

I'm feeling sore from my little medical procedure yesterday (a "LEEP"). I feel fine when I'm lying down or when I'm standing/walking, but when I sit I wince, and showering this morning was not fun. It's not so bad, though. At least I have lots of good stuff to read and watch on tv to distract me. I've read about half of Mockingjay (the final Hunger Games book) today and watched "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs." I'm also looking forward to the "Top Chef" episode that recorded tonight, but I haven't watched it yet, because I went for a walk instead. My doc told me to rest after the LEEP, and so I've been trying to take it easy today, but I just got to feeling too too too stir-crazy, and so I went for a relaxed couple-mile walk along through the residential neighborhoods of central and south Berkeley. I smelled a lot of beautiful roses, listened to some great music on my iPod (apparently The Smiths' song "Panic" is at a perfect tempo for me to walk along with its beat -- I felt like John Travolta at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever, except with *good* music instead of Bee Gees), ran into a guy I know slightly and chatted a bit, saw some people out walking their dogs and many people out walking their children, admired the numerous trees and wondered why so many of them seem to already have brown leaves, watched the shadows lengthen more and more until the sidewalks were entirely shaded, and got home just before dark, feeling considerably less antsy.

I feel it is now definite that my long battle with digestive woes was caused by eggs. Since I cut out eggs more than a week ago, I haven't gotten sick even once. I've been thinking about beginning to experiment to discover how much egg is actually tolerable, but today I picked up a pint of B&J's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch at the grocery store and was all set to buy it ... then read the ingredients. Egg yolks! Doh! I decided I'm not ready to experiment yet (especially as I'm starting a class tomorrow) and put it back, though not without regret. No Ben & Jerry's? Is life worth living?

So tomorrow I'm starting my class -- "Basic Design for Print and Web" -- and I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed messing around with my website these last few years, but it would be nice to learn a bit about how to *design* a page, rather than just how to *code* one.

Of course, the problem that concerns me is the fact that I keep falling asleep during the day. Will I be able to stay awake and focused for a 3-hour class in the afternoon? Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
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