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Shannon has fixed the light in our downstairs bathroom! Yay! He's all manly and stuff, installing switches and the like.

We headed out to Target this morning, where I thought I was being careful about only choosing foods that didn't contain eggs ... but when we were putting away the frozen dinners at home I realized I had made some assumptions ... and, sure enough, my frozen dinners were full of eggs. Darn it! So I'll set them aside for some future time when I'm reintroducing egg into my diet, but right now I'm trying to eliminate it as much as possible. In the meantime, I will mostly have to avoid pasta.

In the afternoon, we walked up to the mouse park (Willard Park, where Shannon set mice free after Munchkin had caught them) and sat in the shade and watched the people and the dogs enjoying the sunshine while Shannon read to me from Louise Erdrich. The weather was lovely today: sunny and breezy.

Then we did our weekly hour of cleaning, and much was accomplished.

My copy of Mockingjay did not arrive today, so I will not be reading it tomorrow as I had hoped. I'm tempted to walk up to one of our local bookstores and just start reading in the store. I was very jealous when I saw they had copies of it on display at Target.

Now I just want to sleep sleep sleep. I got *really* tired when we were biking back from Target this morning. I'm hoping I'll get into better shape when I start biking too and from school twice a week, which starts next week.
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