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Katherine, Mimi, and I went out to dim sum this morning, and at Katherine's suggestion we ventured out to Alameda to go to a place called East Ocean, which I'd never heard of before. I liked their dim sum quite a lot, especially the baked bbq pork buns. Very yummy! Also, the Chinese broccoli was excellent, served with an oyster sauce that was pleasantly less salty than what I've usual experienced at other dim sum places.

Mimi was being a bit difficult. Perhaps she misses preschool? The school is closed just for a few weeks, but it's probably hard to get that same degree of stimulation at home.

Then I came home and got stuff done for about an hour before heading off to therapy, where Melissa and I chatted. I'm not feeling terribly in need of therapy right now, since I'm doing pretty well, but it was still good to discuss things.

On my way home from therapy, I actually willingly approached some small children. Me! Approaching children! Shocker! They had a little table and umbrella set up in front of the house on Fulton with the amazing tea roses all over the fence, and they were selling lemonade. Well, one of them seemed to be responsible for the commercial venture; the other two were just hanging out in the shade of the umbrella, trying to balance both their small butts on the same tiny chair.

So I thought, "Well, I like lemonade. And I have two quarters in my pocket. And those two quarters would probably mean more to them than to me." So I bought a thimbleful of lemonade, which was quite tasty. The little vendeuse even provided me with an ice cube, which I appreciated. And they had provided a small garbage can for the disposal of Dixie cups after drinking, which I also appreciated, as I hate walking away from such purchases or samples, only to find myself carrying a paper cup all the way home. So I chatted with them while I drank. All three of them were Middle Eastern in appearance and were wearing head scarves, so I was a bit curious about what family that required its daughters to wear head scarves would permit those same daughters to sit out on the sidewalk hawking wares to strangers. But I didn't ask them about that. We talked about the tea roses, and about lemonade, and about what their relationships were to each other (two were sisters; one was a neighbor), and about the recent bout of hot weather, etc.

Afterward, I continued on my way, amazed at my uncharacteristic friendliness toward the chronologically challenged. But I enjoyed talking with them.

When I got home, after running a couple errands, I did some more houseworkish-type stuff (mostly organizational), watched some tv ("Top Chef"), and read a bit of my current library book (Linger), which I'm enjoying quite a bit. Then I fell unconscious until dinner time, when Shannon read Louise Erdrich (The Beet Queen, which I've read before, but which I still enjoy hearing read aloud) to me while I ate my mac-n-cheese & veggies. He'll have his own light dinner after his gaming friends leave tonight (in a couple hours), while we watch something or other on tv. And then I will most likely fall asleep on the couch again, though last night saw me sorting through Tupperware and pots and pans past midnight.

Tomorrow: the long-awaited appointment with the sleep specialist! Oh, please, Mr. Sleep Doc, tell me why I nap on the couch all day! Because if that would stop, then everything would really be going quite well!
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