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I felt sleepy much of today, but only napped a tiny bit. Shannon and I biked up down to Trader Joe's in the afternoon, but I found that there wasn't much I wanted to buy there. Non-produce items are cheaper at Safeway or Target, and produce items are fresher at Berkeley Bowl. TJ's still has some stuff I can't get other places, but I'm no longer as TJ obsessed as I was for a while.

When we were biking home afterward, the weather actually felt *warm*! Like summer! It was a shocker. Biking with Shannon was really enjoyable, but I'm glad we didn't try to do a much longer, hillier ride (which Shannon had suggested), because I was tired and just a bit of biking was pleasant.

After dinner, we did our weekly Sunday hour of housework, and much was accomplished. I spent most of my time scrubbing various things (door frames, walls, doors, stovetops, etc.), and Shannon spent most of his time on his hands and knees in the dining room, scrubbing the hardwood floor. We both got very sweaty, and Shannon's clothes were soaked from the soapy water, and my hair, clothes, and whole body were covered in dusty/linty/dirty fluff, because I spent quite a while on my hands and knees, leaning and reaching to clean out the ungodly mess that had accumulated under the end table in our living room (a great many cat toys, old receipts, Lactaid pills, pens, old mail, coins, Shannon's pay stubs for freelance work, and all kinds of other random stuff, all very thoroughly encased in the aforementioned dusty/linty/dirty fluff). It was deeeeesgusting!

So when the house cleaning was done for today, we turned to the human body cleaning, and felt much better afterward.

Tomorrow Shannon would like to bike to the Home Depot in Richmond, at the end of the Ohlone Greenway, and my day won't be too busy, so I expect I'll be up to it if I'm not sick. It would be nice to get out there and shop for a new light fixture for our bathroom, as we're still experiencing a bit of a lavatory darkness issue. You can't really shower at night, because it's too dark to differentiate between the shampoo bottle and the body soap!

So I guess I won't eat eggs tomorrow. Maybe that means I won't be sick!
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