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Are eggs evil? Perhaps!

Okay, so I went out to breakfast with Shannon today at Le Bateau Ivre, and I had eggs, and immediately after our meal, before we'd even paid our bill, I became very sick.

So. It looks like I may have developed an intolerance to eggs. (Probably not a true allergy, as I have only digestive symptoms.) It makes sense that I get sick all the time, because I eat a lot of baked goods and other things made with eggs. It just seems to be when I have a meal that includes 2 or 3 entire eggs (like most times that I go out to brunch) that I get really ill immediately. Stuff made with less egg (like bread pudding) probably just makes me *less* sick.

This explains why I got sick at Saul's more often and more violently than anywhere else: at Saul's, I usually order a meal with eggs ... and I almost always get bread pudding for dessert. So that's like 4 eggs in a sitting.

So I'm prepared to do some experimenting -- figuring out which foods I can tolerate and which I can't -- and I need to talk to my doctor.

This might mean the end of my digestive trauma soon, once I know what to eat and what not to eat! That would be *amazing*!
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