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I went to the Berkeley Farmers' Market today, but I didn't buy much. Everything was pretty expensive, and most booths seemed to be selling stone fruit, which my doc has recommended that I not eat for a while. I was also a bit disappointed (as I have been the last few times I've gone) by the number of booths that weren't selling produce at all: the people selling Mexican food, the people selling Thai food, the people selling bread, random bottles of "kombucha," etc. On the other hand, there were beautiful piles of eggplant, lettuces, summer squash, melons, tomatoes, and much more. It's pleasant just to wander and look at the colors.

I did buy some strawberries, though, because one of the booths was offering samples ... and I'm a sucker for samples. So I tried a sample, it was very sweet, and so I ended up buying a basket, even though the price was probably higher than at Berkeley Bowl. I comfort myself with the thought that the berries are probably fresher. And I always enjoy the experience of handing my dollar bills to an actual farmer as they hand me my food. Okay, so not all of them are actually farmers, but you know what I mean.

After dinner, Shannon and I played some Dominion and I did more excavating in the bedroom closet. I located all my old camera equipment, which I haven't used in about 20 years ... maybe longer. Anyone in the market for a Nikon FG (circa 1985) with accompanying zoom lens? I'm also getting rid of all my old audio cassettes, as well as my Walkman and plug-in cassette player/radio. I haven't used these things in a very very long time ... so why do I keep them? I look at all these old cassette tapes, and I hate to get rid of them--I still like the music, after all, and some of them bring back very distinct memories--but I know I'm not going to listen to them now that I'm so used to CDs and my iPod. So do I want to keep them just as *objects*? Things that have no use other than their existence? Okay, yes, I have a piece of the Berlin Wall, and I'm not going to be giving *that* away, but there are only so many functionless *things* I want around me.

I've become quite fond of a new tv show called "Huge." It takes place at a"fat camp" for teens, but it's fairly complex in its approach to body image issues. And I find it refreshing to see a show in which many of the characters are fat, but they have friendship issues and romances and goals and dreams and talents and everything ... just like all those skinny people on other shows. (My question with shows like this is always "How do you keep it going? Summer camp only lasts so long, then everyone goes home. That's not really an ideal set-up for an ongoing tv show.")
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