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Another very industrious day. I walked to Moe's to drop off some unwanted books for the Prisoners' Literature Project, then walked to the library to return some books and to buy some of the officially-allowed garbage bags that allow you to put out more than your usual allotted amount of garbage (because we've been throwing a lot of stuff away lately), then walked to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and some cleaning items, then did a bunch of work around the house (cleaning the litter boxes, sorting through the drawers in the kitchen -- where I found enough AA batteries to last us a few years and three complete sets of measuring spoons -- sorting through the Tupperware cabinet and pulling out a few things we don't need, though there is still a lot in there that we will never use, etc.), then called the sleep specialist doc to ask why no one has been returning my calls as I try to make an appointment. This time (my third call), I finally got an operator who was willing to tell me what is going on. Apparently, the doc to whom I've been referred is on vacation, and his assistant (who usually returns these kinds of calls) is gone, too. So someone will call me someday, but I don't know when. But, as I told the operator guy, the issue isn't urgent -- I'll just keep sleeping until I hear from them.

Then I walked up to UC Press, where one of their editors had a project for me. It isn't exactly proofreading; she called it "proof reconciliation." She needs someone to check an edited electronic Word file against revised pages in which the Word file's corrections should have been made. So it'll be easier than true proofreading, because I will be focusing on a few words at a time, rather than having to read the entire book, but more disjointed. She wants me to look for only a very limited selection of issues. So it'll be different than my usual jobs -- even more nit-picky than usual, in some ways. I'll get started on it tomorrow.

I've been feeling veeeerrrry sleepy since around 2 p.m., but I was afraid to let myself fall asleep before I made my trip to UCP to meet with the editor. After getting home and eating dinner, I find myself barely conscious. I have this whole list of things I'd like to do tonight while Shannon is gaming with his friends (mostly emailing people), but I may sleep instead. Zzzzzzzz.
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