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From 9:20 a.m. to 2:20 p.m., I was pretty much constantly busy, though I did take a break to eat some lunch while watching a bit of tv.

I gathered and sorted stuff for Goodwill (putting heavy stuff in my backpack and light stuff in a tote bag); replaced the shower curtain hooks (the old ones were always coming unhooked, which I found very annoying); reorganized some of the bookshelves in my office so that they make more sense; scrubbed the door to the foyer, which had some horrifyingly grimy spots near the doorknob; did some dishes; washed my hair; emailed my editor at UC Press about my availability for projects; took bags to Goodwill; picked up Shannon's medication at CVS; picked up books for Shannon and myself at the library; stopped by my doctor's office to drop off something she'd asked for; and probably some other stuff I can't remember right now. I have more things I plan to do today (email wesleysgirl about cookbooks, email my mom, fold laundry, pick up a prescription at Walgreens), but for now I'm taking a break.

I've been reading Winter's Bone, by Daniel Woodrell, because I saw a commercial for the recent film adaptation and thought it looked interesting ... so I decided to read the book instead of seeing the movie. It's intriguing, but I'm not yet really absorbed. It's about a teenage girl in the Ozarks whose dad skips bail (for an arrest for making drugs, which seems to be extremely common among the men of their acquaintance). Since he put his family's house up as collateral for bail, if he doesn't show up in court in a few days, his helplessly insane wife and young kids will be homeless, with no foreseeable source of income. So this girl is out trying to track down her dad, traveling the social complexities of the Ozarks as she goes.

I haven't been much interested in audiobooks the past couple days. On my iPod, I've been listening to music. Mostly '80s music: Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, OMD, The Smiths, Tears for Fears, Howard Jones, Adam Ant, etc. I was walking down the street, rocking out to Dexy's Midnight Runners at one point, singing along with my favorite song from 7th grade.

Thus far, no diarrhea and no sleepiness today. Maybe things are getting better?

Also, Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional today! Hooray! A victory for reason over fear!
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