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Busy busy busy

I got really sick soon after waking this morning, but by noonish I was willing to take a chance on heading out into the world, so Shannon and I hopped on our bikes and headed out to Point Isobel to the dog park,. On the way there, we encountered an unexpected mass migration of pedestrians, bicycles, and cars, all streaming toward the Berkeley Marina, directed here and there by signs with arrows, orange cones, and authoritative-acting guys in bright yellow vests. When we hit the major street into the marina (University), Shannon spotted a sign: the Berkeley Kite Festival. And, indeed, when we came into an area with a good view of the western sky, we saw a great many colorful objects flying around out there. Shannon asked if I wanted to go check it out, but I said (1) we had a nice view of the kites, even from far away and (2) if the crowds were bad out here, I didn't want to see what they were like over there. So we just continued on our merry way, checking out the kites frequently as we rode along the bike path along the bay.

We got to Point Isobel and hung out for quite a while with all the very happy dogs at the dog park. "Yay!" they all said. "We are off leash! And there are sticks to carry and ocean waves to romp in and people throwing tennis balls around and other dogs' butts to sniff! Let's run! Everybody, run run run!" I looove watching the dogs at the dog park. They all seem so happy, and their owners are all so friendly (toward humans) and loving (with their dogs), except for the *one* person we saw who was walking her dog with a big ol' scowl on her face and headphones in her ears. Everyone else seemed to be having a great time.

We sat on the top of a hill and Shannon read to me from our latest Harry Dresden novel, but eventually we decided that we were freezing (that hill gets quite a breeze off the bay), so we got back on our bikes and headed off to do a bit of shopping at El Cerrito Plaza, where there is a Trader Joe's. So I bought myself some blueberries, some bananas, and some juice, and then we headed out to the Ohlone Greenway (Shannon found a secret way to get there from the mall, which impressed me mightily.) and biked home. So it was something like 15 miles of biking, mostly flat but with some uphill here and there. The views were very nice, we were on off-road paved paths most of the time, and we were even able to bike side-by-side (and therefore talk more easily) much of the time. Excellent.

When we got home, we both collapsed for a while before dinner, then did our weekly Sunday housework after we'd eaten. I got *lots* done. In fact, I continued to do even more housework once our requisite hour had passed. I have another couple of bags of stuff to take to CLC tomorrow, including many socks. I decided that it was kind of silly to have an entire dresser drawer crammed full of socks when I wear flip-flops 95% of the time, rain or shine, winter or summer. I mostly only wear socks and tennies when I ride my bike. Maybe somebody could actually *use* these socks. So I just kept the ones I particularly like, and will give away the rest.

I'm feeling quite accomplished today, after my bike ride and my housework. Plus, after the morning's unhappiness, I didn't feel sick at all. Yay!


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Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
Did you know that there's a newish Trader Joe's at University and MLK? That one might be closer to you. I haven't been in there yet.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know about the new Trader Joe's, though I haven't been there. I usually walk to the one in Rockridge, just because it's a nicer walk from our house than the route to University/MLK, but this time we were trying to combine the TJ trip with a longer bike ride to Point Isobel, so the El Cerrito store was more convenient. I generally don't mind a long walk/ride. But the El Cerrito TJ has slightly different stock than the Rockridge one, so I may have to give the University one a try as well!
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