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A couple channels I've watched recently (BBCA? AMC?) have had these little announcements about how they're so great because they have fewer commercials, but what they always say is that they have "limited commercials." And every time, I think, "As opposed to what? Those channels with *un*limited commercials? Commercials into infinity?"

When the Mehserle (local cop who shot an unarmed civilian in the back because he mistook his gun for his taser) manslaughter verdict came down a couple weeks ago, there was great expectation of rioting and resultant protester/police altercations in Oakland. But then when the rioting happened, the police mostly stood around and watched people loot local stores, burn cars, etc. Some whack-job liberals (I consider myself very liberal, but not as liberal as these people) lauded the police for "allowing the public to express their feelings," which sounded ridiculous to me. I don't think the people who owned the looted stores or cars would feel that the police behavior was appropriate. But then of course just a couple days ago it started coming out that the police just stood around and watched because there were problems with communication through the power structure that night. Cops watching looting received no orders, so they did nothing. Doh!

I've been listening to Atonement on and off today, and one of the main characters drives me insane. She's just very self-absorbed, very self-congratulatory, very judgmental and very sure in the accuracy of her uninformed judgments. Maybe an anvil will land on her head at the end of the book.

I slept a lot today, but only got briefly sick for a bit in the afternoon. It wasn't the most constructive day since the beginning of time, but I *did* get a few things done. And now I just want to sleep again, but I'll try to stay awake another couple hours.
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