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I felt sick much of today. Shannon and I noted that I seem to get sick pretty often on Sundays, and I commented that I *always* eat the same thing for dinner on Saturday nights: Andronico's southwest turkey salad. I'm wondering if the spicy salad dressing might have something in it that is making me sick. In any case, I'm going to choose a different salad next week, just to experiment.

We watched the season ender of "Doctor Who" this afternoon and loved it. I really enjoyed this season. I thought I would have trouble adjusting to a new Doctor, given the extremity of my love for David Tennant, but the new guy has won me over. I don't have a big ol' crush on him like I did Tennant, but I *like* him just as well. Plus, he wore a fez! Fezzes are cool! He looked kinda like an organ grinder's monkey.

Shannon and I did a bunch of housework again today, though my chosen tasks were more organizational than actually cleaning. One thing I did was I went to Shannon and asked him, "Would you have any objection to using the dishes we got as wedding presents?" And he said, "No. It doesn't make much sense *not* to use them."

So we have all these nice dishes which have been sitting in boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, for almost 10 years, waiting for an occasion nice enough to merit the use of the "special" plates and bowls. I think we used them *once* in the last decade. So I decided it was time to unpack them and put them in the cabinet and begin actually *using* them. So I did that. I still feel the slightest bit nervous about endangering the expensive dishes by using them, but it makes a lot more sense to enjoy them briefly before they end up broken than to keep them stored in boxes forever and never use them at all.

I did lots of organizational work in the kitchen, cleaning out and recycling numerous tins, bottles, jars, etc., and sorting through my numerous cookbooks to decide which ones I might actually use and which should find good homes in other people's kitchens. This left us with considerable book shelf space in the kitchen, which I used for the cat food paraphernalia which has been sitting on the floor *beside* the bookcase since we moved in here. It all looks quite tidy now.

So, anyway, we got a lot of housework done (Shannon was scrubbing walls, baseboards, and ceilings, bless his heart.) and then went out to Ben & Jerry's to celebrate.

I've also listened to a bit more of Ian McEwan's Atonement today, and events have actually occurred! In fact, World War II appears to have occurred (is in fact still occurring). So the story is moving right along now, and I am eager to see where things go.
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