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Third day in a row w/o diarrhea. Woo hoo! I'm hoping I'll feel well tomorrow, too, as I'd like to be fairly active.

Hung out w/Lisa, had brunch, played Dominion, talked and talked. No tv this week. I'd much rather just hang out, anyway.

Went grocery shopping, but didn't get anything exciting, because almost nothing was on sale.

Over dinner, we watched a documentary called "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated," which explores the secretive Hollywood rating system. John Waters had lots of interesting things to say, as well as Kevin Smith and the woman who directed "Boys Don't Cry" (a film I greatly admired), as well as many others. It had a bit of a "Roger and Me" feel, as the director of the film attempted to obtain information about the rating panel, the criteria used for rating films, etc. The "anonymous" rating panel seemed to be composed primarily of middle-aged Republicans (with adult children) hand-picked by one individual man who leads the MPAA (currently Dan Glickman). There was, of course, a lot of discussion of the fact that violence is tolerated in American films far better than sexuality, which offends many people (including me). I found it especially shocking that they actually have two members of the clergy (a Catholic priest and an Episcopal priest) sit in on the appeals process as representatives of "the public." Bah!

Cobweb has seemed to be doing better lately. She still isn't showing much interest in her wet food, but she's eating plenty of dry food and seems much more like her old social self. I cherish every moment I spend with her.
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