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I was sick much of today, and so barely left the house.

I finished listening to To Kill A Mockingbird this morning, and I adored it. I found much of it pretty depressing, because the bad people kinda win, and there's an indication that they'll keep winning for a long time to come, but there's also a sense that there *are* some people who will stand up for what is right, and that their efforts are recognized and appreciated, and that perhaps with each generation the numbers of right-minded folks will increase. Anyway, I thought the novel was fabulously written.

Even while feeling sick, I did some housework today: changing the sheets, taking out garbage, scrubbing scrubbing scrubbin at cat vomit stains, cleaning out the upstairs linen closet, and (partially) cleaning out my personal closet in my office. I found many miraculous things. I found a pair of what look like brand new sneakers, way in the back on the floor, but I have no idea why I put them away like that instead of wearing them. I found my moccasins (which I haven't seen in several years), which are more acceptable than shoes when I want to forego flip flops. I found a shopping bag with a rather attractive black shirt inside, tags still attached, which I don't remember buying in the last couple years, so I guess it's just been sitting in the bag in my closet for ages. So -- hey! -- I got a surprise shirt out of it! And a free pair of sneakers! There was other exciting stuff, too, but I won't bore you with all the details. I'm taking two old backpacks' worth of shoes, socks, hats, etc. to CLC tomorrow, where I can abandon the backpacks as well as their contents. I'm on a roll w/getting rid of crap lately! And people at CLC are getting free stuff, so everybody wins.

Tomorrow I have a lot of things I'd like to do (drop off books/audio at the library, order new checks at the bank, buy a new bike pump at Missing Link, xerox and send Cobweb's recent pet insurance paperwork, pick up Cobweb's new medication, etc.), so I'm hoping I'm not so sick!
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