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Shannon and I watched "Amélie" tonight, and it was so wonderful! I can't believe it took me this long to see it, because it is soooooooooooo my kind of movie. I loved the sense of humor (though I must admit I wasn't much amused by the cruelty to the mean grocer). I think perhaps my favorite part was the father's garden gnome, but I'm not sure. It's difficult to choose!

No, I think my favorite was the beginning, with the descriptions of each of the people based on what they liked and didn't like. I completely and totally agree with Amélie that one of the finest pleasures in life is cracking the surface of crème brulée.

For those of you who haven't seen it, "Amélie" is a film (er, a French film, to be specific) about a painfully shy young woman with a very active imagination and a love of stratagems, intrigue, mystery, etc. She sort of decides to start making the world better for various people, but without anyone knowing it's her ('cause she's so shy). I'd had the impression that the film involved something vaguely supernatural, but it doesn't. It's just this young woman and the people around her, and how they all interact, and how she tries to give everyone what will make them happy.

I really appreciated many of the film's messages, though some I was less sure about. In one case, the message seems to be that some people can only be happy if you tell them lies. In another case, the message seems to be that some people can only be happy by debasing others, and/or that some people really don't deserve compassion. But in general the film is about kindness, about really taking a moment to see other people and how they feel ... and about the simultaneous need to find your own happiness, too.

Simply lovely film. Just beautiful.
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