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I didn't actually have to go to downtown Oakland to wait in the loooooong line to get through security at the Oakland courthouse today, because they didn't need me for jury duty. Cool.

I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire this morning, and I wish I could pick up the third book in the series (something about a hornets' nest) right now. Unfortunately, there is a long queue for it at the library (both the paper version and the audio version), so I'll be waiting a while. Shannon pointed out that I could just go out and *buy* the book -- I kinda forgot that was an option, what with all the library patronage I've been providing lately -- but I'm not sure it's something I would want to read more than once, so that seems like a waste. Also, it's not out in paperback. I can wait.

I moved on to the next audiobook on my list (ranked in order of how eager I am to listen to them), and realized that it's another mystery, this time about a teenage girl who is killed in modern-day Saudi Arabia. It's Finding Nouf, written by Zoe Ferraris, a Bay Area writer who lived in Saudi Arabia for several years. It's kinda funky, because it's kinda like Raymond Chandler in robes and burkhas. When the adult male main character accidentally saw a naked woman's body (for what seemed to be the first time), he actually fainted. And one plot point involved someone pulling out a compass at a funeral to see which part of the deceased's body was pointing toward Mecca, which betrayed secret information. Thus far, I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

I seem to have lost my credit slip for Moe's Books ... AGAIN. I've hunted for a while tonight, but I've gotten too frustrated. I'll pick up the quest again tomorrow.
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