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Shannon suggested that we go out to brunch together today, since he knows how much I like that, so we went to Le Bateau Ivre and had some tasty eggs & stuff. I had the artichoke scramble, as usual, and it was lovely.

Later, around dinner time, we biked up to Trader Joe's, and -- boy! -- I am out of shape! I haven't biked in a very long time, and I have gained some weight, and it just wasn't as easy for me as it was when I was last out there. I generally prefer walking to biking, since I can better enjoy my surroundings (rather than speeding past them), I can listen to audiobooks, and I don't have to worry so much about getting hit by cars. But Shannon doesn't much enjoy walking, so if we go somewhere together (somewhere more than a mile away or so, anyway), we often bike.

So I think I'm going to try to start going to the gym again. I haven't been getting much exercise since I've been getting sick so often (the past 9 months or so), but the Y isn't that far away, and there are bathrooms there in case of emergency, so on Tuesday I'm going to go in and ride the exercise bike for a while.

Shannon and I may bike somewhere again tomorrow if I'm feeling okay. It would certainly be nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather! Shannon has suggested the dog park at Point Isabel, which sounds good to me. Well, maybe I won't get sick in the morning.

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