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Fasting isn't as hard as I thought it would be, probably because I've been drinking so many fluids that my stomach doesn't notice the lack of food. I haven't eaten in about 24 hours, but it's not so bad.

However, the audiobook I'm listening to right now (The Gargoyle) has frequent scenes with extensive descriptions of feasts. It doesn't make me *hungry* ... it just makes me want to bite into something more substantial than Jello. The stuff that's been getting to me most, actually, are the cheeses. Fetas and goudas and edams and bries and bleus and all. The doc wouldn't mind if I just had a frozen burrito, would she? Okay, so yeah, she would. Darn.

I keep hoping that I won't be overly sedated when the procedure is done tomorrow, because then I can have Chinese food for dinner. Chicken and shrimp and fried rice and snow peas and ... guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see. Either way, I plan to go out to brunch on Wednesday to celebrate my freedom to eat solid foods. I'm sure there will be cheese involved.

During a rather difficult couple hours this evening (I'll spare you the scatalogical details), I rewatched 10 Things I Hate About You. I'd forgotten how much I liked it! And I didn't remember the soundtrack being so good. Now I want to buy it.
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