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Brunch with Lisa, as usual. On my walk to her house, I started listening to a book called The Gargoyle, which sounds interesting thus far. I haven't gotten too far into it, but a guy (a former porn star turned porn producer) has been in a terrible car accident which left his entire body very badly burned. He's drifting in and out of consciousness in the hospital, and the narrative wanders from past to present and back again. I find the character interesting, and the situation is intriguing. It makes me think of The English Patient, of course, but is much less lyrically written. But not everything has to be lyrically written.

I also stopped by the library on my way, and picked up some more audiobooks, including Charlotte's Web (which I have, of course, read) and Crime and Punishment (which I have not). I also picked up Into Thin Air, which I've read before, but thought I might enjoy on audio.

Lisa and I played Dominion, as usual, and I kicked her butt, which is not usual. We played very different strategies, and for once mine was superior. It wasn't a very fun game, though, because Lisa was playing a strategy that made her turns take like 10 minutes, so I spent a lot of time just sitting there with my chin in my hand, which was boring.

We watched an episode of "Babylon 5" (the first episode of season 4) and the first episode of a new anime series ("The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya," which is not at all melancholy), but I fell asleep during the anime. When the episode was over, I asked Lisa, "So was the main character from the future, from another planet, or both?" And she said, "The brown-haired girl is from the future; the blue-haired girl is from another planet." Me: "Oh, the girl with the talking cat?" Her: "The cat didn't really talk; it was ventriloquism." Me: "I appear to be a bit confused." Her: "Maybe we should watch this episode again next week." Then I went home.

We bought groceries, and I chose a slice of chocolate chip pumpkin bread as my dessert for tonight ... without really inspecting it. Turns out, it has nuts in it, and I'm not allowed to eat nuts this week before the colonoscopy. Nuts! Well, hopefully it won't be stale when the colonoscopy is over in a few days. Also, pretty much all of Andronico's packaged salads (which is what I usually get for dinner on Saturdays) included forbidden ingredients: nuts, seeds, corn, etc. So I got a hummus sandwich, instead.

Then we watched this week's episode of "Doctor Who," which I enjoyed. It's not something I would watch on my own, but Shannon is a big "Doctor Who" fan, and it's fun watching it with him.

Then Shannon read some Love Medicine aloud, which greatly disturbed Lucy and Munchkin (because it involved Shannon singing in a fake low voice) -- their ears were flicking back and forth while they stared at him in horror -- and then I fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. Now I'm awake again, but not for long. Zzzzzz.
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